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Beauty features don’t often grace these pages. Some might consider that odd, given that I work for a beauty company, but mainly it is because I prefer to spend my pennies on creating memories, rather than collecting things. Which is why I fill my posts full of places to eat, travel and enjoyment.

But recently, with a milestone birthday just behind me, I decided that there are other important things in life too. Growing old gracefully (mainly) is certainly something that I aspire to. And so, although I don’t consider myself to be overly vain (friends / comrades feel free to disagree with me), I do like to take care of my appearance.

Usually this means treating myself to new garments or accessories, and recently I came to realise that I although I spend a penny or two dressing myself up, I rarely spend money on my physical appearance. I usually only have my nails done prior to a hen do or wedding (both of which I am running low on in the diary at present), my hair only sees the inside of a hair dressers a maximum of twice a year. And nearly all of my make-up comes from the aforementioned beauty company that I work for (Avon if you are interested), so my staff discount eases the burden on my wallet that cosmetics might otherwise make.

So, whilst musing on holiday recently that I should perhaps take better care of my skin (you know a regular skincare regime that involves more than a face wipe and a hastily applied blob of moisturiser), I decided that I would start treating myself to a regular facial.

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See, it does sound rather indulgent doesn’t it?

Except it isn’t really. Your skin is something that you ‘wear’ every day. You are stuck with it for life. So you might as well take care of it right?

A facial is my favourite treatment to have at a spa (I am too much of a wimp for a professional massage, which has always felt akin to torture to me), so I wanted to maintain its prevalence as a treat to me. I didn’t want to go to a fancy spa every few weeks, and then have the experience not feel as special.

As luck would have it, I discovered that my local Virgin Active included a health and beauty spa, Heaven V. A perusal of the website told me that they did a great value express facial for just £33. This sounded right up my street, enough to revitalise my skin without breaking the bank each time.

I have already been twice and I have to say it is one of my favourite yes decisions to date. I really do think that my skin looks better already. It also serves as a regular reminder to take care of my skin in between facials (I seem to have been able to effortlessly include toner into my brief regime, simply because my beauty therapist told me that my skin would really benefit from being slightly more hydrated).

So far I have been going every 5 weeks, always on a Friday so that I can use it to kick start my weekend in the most relaxing way possible.

So my yes tip to you today is, when you are thinking of indulging in a treat (in the name of saying yes), don’t forget to take care of your skin too.

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