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by Team YOTY

Here at Year of the Yes, our job is to curate projects and activities to inspire you to say yes. And in the big wide world of the internet, we aren’t the only ones with fantastic inspiration to share. So we thought it would be helpful to do a monthly summary of some of the inspiring reads we have found throughout the month that might get that grey matter ticking to encourage you to say yes a little more, whatever that might be to!

yes to positive thinking
Inspiring reads for April,

{Photo: The Pool}

The best apps to make you feel better – The Pool: If you haven’t read the Pool yet, you should. It is an awesome new blog, based around a radio style format – with updates and programmes coming to you all day. There are posts to read, videos and interviews to watch, book excerpts to devour. And lots, lots more.

This article on phone apps that can boost your wellbeing is great, a little helping hand in happiness, perhaps: The best apps to make you feel better

Her lovely heart: A relatively new discovery, filled to the brim with start-up advice, but it is the positive thinking lilt to the Instagram feed that really caught my eye this month.

I love all of the quotes that they share there, making me pause for thought in the midst of my day, putting a smile on my face, or just encouraging me to do something differently that day…perhaps to say yes. Make sure your follow them for your own daily dose of positivity! Her lovely heart instagram

Yes to relationships

5 Important Things to Discuss Before Getting Engaged – The Lifestyle Edit: Relationship advice is a tricky topic to broach. It encompasses such personal topics, that everyone has their own unique take on.

I have read a few articles on The Lifestyle Edit and they seem to tackle it in a subjective but informative way. I thought that this feature about the topics you should consider before agreeing to walk down the aisle with your beloved (surely the ultimate relationship yes) provided some food for thought: 5 important things to discuss before getting engaged.

The Huffington Post also has some inspiring articles on relationships – including these recent reads 8 Lessons I’ve Learned in 12 Years of Marriage and 16 Secrets of Couples with the Strongest RelationshipsThese things aren’t rocket science, but they carry some helpful reminders of things to say yes to in your relationships (and occasionally no).

Yes to open-mindedness

{Photo: TED Talks}

Monica Lewinsky The Price of Shame – TED Talks: First off, I can’t recommend TED Talks enough in general. They cover a range of really interested subjects delivered by truly inspirational people.

But this one in particular really made me stop and think. We are all familiar with the Monica Lewinsky / Bill Clinton scandal. Somehow it was the young impressionable female in the situation that managed to come off the worst, being branded  ‘that woman’. Monica talks about the danger of consuming the portraits that the media paints in these situations, and fuelling the shame that is imposed on those involved. It really is food for thought in a culture obsessed with celebrity and their every move. The price of shame.


That little push you need ~ Breathe Happiness: Breathe Happiness is a blog that totally encapsulates the spirit of Year of the Yes. It was started by Hayley and Shaneen who started the blog because they believe life is a gift not to be wasted, particularly after losing family members. It’s a philosophy and perspective that is very close to our own story.

Hayley, who owns her own store, recently shared a post about what made her take the steps into owning her own business, and she throws some inspiring quotes from women into the mix as well. Well worth a need: That little push you need.

How to turn your idea into a business – Career Girl Daily: Career Girl Daily is not just a great read for business advice, it has loads of features about health and fitness, beauty, fashion and travel as well.

But it is definitely a must read if you have a burning idea that you just haven’t been able to get off the ground yet. The list format that the site uses (5 tips to success etc.) makes it easy to read and digestible. I would definitely recommend having a look around the site but in the meantime have a read of their advice to turn an idea into a business: Say yes to success: how to turn your idea into a business.


Have you found any inspiring reads this month? Share them in the comment box below, we would love to hear about them!

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