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 We are really excited to share today’s post with you, because not only is it a great ‘yes’ story about following your passions and taking a leap of faith… It also involves pretty artwork that can adorn  your home (we speak from experience, certain members of team Year of the Yes already have some pieces proudly displayed, and a wish list of more still to purchase).

Lesley is a super talented artist, a hobby that she is turning into a sideline while she cares for her beautiful baby boy Frank. We don’t just say that because Lesley is a friend, but because we truly love her work and know that she will go from strength to strength with her business ‘Lelly Vance’.

Here is the lady herself to tell us more:

Lelly Vance, follow your dream, home decor, art, quotes, words of wisdom, year of the yes,

I’ve been painting as long as I can remember; I’ve always enjoyed being creative and love to paint whenever I get chance

The main idea behind each piece is to make someone smile or laugh. Quotes pop up in all sorts of places and people often suggest ones that make them giggle too. The opportunity to brighten someone’s day inspired me – even if it’s just for a brief moment, it’s worth it.

I don’t tend to have favourites though because it’s generally the one I’m currently working on. If I don’t still love it by the time it’s finished, it won’t make it in to a frame.

Lelly Vance, follow your dream, home decor, art, quotes, words of wisdom, year of the yes,

taking the step to selling

I was very very nervous at the thought of selling my work to begin with.

I became a mother for the first time last summer. The change that brings to your life is overwhelming, but amazing. It made me realise that if I can do that, I can do anything and maybe it was time to start following the Year of the Yes philosophy instead of shying away from things!

Lelly Vance, follow your dream, home decor, art, quotes, words of wisdom, year of the yes,

My good friend Emma Kelly has been a constant cheerleader and inspiration, and she too has said YES! Yes to setting up her own shabby chic furniture business.

It’s amazing what can happen if you start from a positive frame of mind!!

Lesley’s Advice

Putting yourself out there is scary – there’s no doubt about it. But if you believe in what you are doing, it’s surprising how many other people will too. It’s ok sometimes to say ‘look what I can do, it’s kinda cool’.

Plans for the future

For the time being i’m planning on continuing to exhibit at craft fairs in the area. I really enjoy the feedback I get from chatting with people face to face.

Lelly Vance, follow your dream, home decor, art, quotes, words of wisdom, year of the yes,

Make this one of your yeses

If the beautiful artwork in this post has caught your eye, you can check out more on Lesley’s instagram feed.

If following your dream and starting a venture out of your hobby appeals, there are a huge amount of resources on the internet that can help you get things underway – such as Startup Donut and

But we think that the best way to get started is to follow your instincts, start small to test the water and then take things from there. Just say yes to the opportunities that present themselves and see how far you go!

lesley’s yes directory

Favourite yes: Cheesy but true: saying yes when my husband asked me to marry him four years ago.

Next on the yes list: I started running this year so I need to say yes to a 10k at some stage so that I continue to push myself.

Favourite yeses of 2015 so far: Yes to an aerial assault course which terrified me but was amazing!

Yes to Zumba classes – so much fun, everyone should try it at least once!

And Yes to book club – which is equal parts educational and hilarious.

Yes inspiration:  Am I allowed two?

Firstly my little 9 month old son Frank – I often think about how I want him to see me as a mum and that pushes me to be a bit braver.

Secondly the whole Year of the Yes team – again excuse the cheesiness but the simple philosophy of saying yes to things is genuinely a game changer – ‘Start with a YES and see where that takes you’

Lelly Vance, follow your dream, home decor, art, quotes, words of wisdom, year of the yes,

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