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by Team YOTY

I know we say it every time, but these monthly round-ups of inspiration really do come around incredibly quickly! That could well be because our August has been crammed to the rim with holidays and wedding  planning.

In fact, we will be taking this week to recover so this will be your only post this week, so it’s lucky that we have packed it full of lots of yes inspiration to keep you going!


yes to holidays

The Year of the Yes team is in the middle of holiday central, with one trip to Ibiza down (read all about it here), and a honeymoon to Croatia and a 30th birthday trip to Paris in the pipeline (greedily two of those are Emma, but she would like to point out that not all of them are. Christina is all over the honeymooning).

But it is practically mandatory that as soon as you get back from one holiday, you start planning the next, right? There are already some plans afoot, blogging queen Charlotte O’Shea’s review of Ca’s Curiel in Soller Mallorca has certainly added another Balearic Island to the list…

You can check it out on Rock My Style here.

Inspiration to live life to the full, holiday inspiration Mallorca, via Year of the Yes

{Image: Rock My Style}

yes to the right job

We’ve talked about it before but your career is a big area where it is important to say yes to the things you want… we’ve even talked about when it is right to say no to things in your career. But the key is, you spend most of your day at work, so you really should be happy with what you do.

Now, we are realist, we are not expecting you to be deliriously happy every single second of every single day in your job (though a lucky handful are). But neither should you dread every single Monday because you don’t want to tackle the tasks that await you at work.

Stylist (a favourite magazine at YOTY towers) did a great post about saying yes to ditching a job that makes you happy. It’s got some great practical advice, read all here.

Inspiration to live life to the full, ditching the job that makes you unhappy, via Year of the Yes


yes to brighter mornings

The busy summer months seem to be bringing with it a habit of always waking up tired. It’s a pain right?! Well after coming across this article of things you should eat to wake up less tired, we are going to be giving some a go so that we can wake up just a little more bright eyed and bushy tailed. Because that’s definitely the best way to start another day full of yeses.

If you are struggling with the same predicament, you can check out the list here.

Inspiration to live life to the full, things to eat to wake up brighter in the morning, via Year of the Yes

{Image: Career Daily}


yes to approaching milestone birthdays positively

Ok, we keep harping on about this, you can read Emma’s post about why she is looking forward to turning 30 here (yep you read that right), but milestone birthdays are lurking for both of the YOTY team, so this post on The Pool about what being 30 means to three generations, is a really great read. It also gives you a bit of perspective – not ticked off the things you thought you should have on your ‘before 30 yes’, well times are changing kiddo and sometimes it means your goals should change with them too. Have a read here.


yes links

Holiday inspiration: Mallorca review on Rock My Style // Career inspiration: Ditching the job you hate on // Foodie inspiration: Foods that will help you wake up less tired on Career Girl Daily // Reading inspiration: What being 30 means to three generations 

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