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by Emma

Recently on the blog we have been talking about pretty big adventures, particularly in the shape of a West Coast of America road trip. But not all of our yeses go to these epic (and expensive) proportions. Some of our favourite things to say yes to are cheap as chips, and chief amongst those is reading.

We have seen lots of the people in our phone (aka Instagram) resolving to read more in 2017; and then it occurred to us that although we always have a book (or two) on the go, not many of the reviews make it onto these flamingo adorned pages. So we wanted to point you in the direction of our book blogging escapades to inspire you to pick up a book and indulge.

Book club

First up is book club, our favourite thing in the world to say yes to. We have told you all about it before, in our first ever book club post. But to get you up to speed, although we’ve both always loved reading and sharing books with each other, it wasn’t until our lovely friend Lesley suggested starting a book club that we realized we’d found our kindred spirits. We got together a group of our fellow book-loving friends and have religiously met for book chat every six weeks or so for the last two years.

We are firm believers in spreading the love, so we shared some of our tips for starting your own book club over on

Of course, starting your own book club isn’t for everyone, but if you want to join an online book club instead you can follow along with PoppyLovesBookClub. Not only do they host a monthly book chat in a fabulous Facebook group, there are also lots of groups across the country that meet in person to join the chat together. You might be able to find one that is local to you.

The best thing about joining a book club is it pushes you to read things that you might not otherwise have picked up, and it’s a pretty cool social highlight too. We genuinely love chatting about the book, but we also wind up the night having a gossip over a glass or two of wine. Honestly, it’s so much fun, give it a go.


Recommended reads

You can find the occasional book review on these here pages – many of which were the choices for our real life book club.

However, you will actually find most of our Yes book recommendations over on the awesome Rock My Style every few months. I normally review two book in their quarterly online club and absolutely LOVE doing it because it means I get down my ‘to be read’ pile much quicker than I have ever managed before. The bonus is that you don’t just have to listen to me chirping on, there are reviews from members of the team and other readers as well. If you do decide to follow along, make sure you check in when the posts go live to share your thoughts on the book. There’s nothing like book chat to bring your reading experience to life! Check out the book club and previous reviews here.

To get your started though, here’s some of my recommended reads from my real life and online book club:

  • And the Sea Will Tellquite hard going but utterly haunting, I still regularly think about it.
  • I Let You Goa gripping read that got a unanimous thumbs up from our book club.
  • The Life and Death of Sophie Starka dark and intriguing tale about the fate of an enigmatic film director.
  • A Man Called OveA funny and heartwarming story, that will make you laugh and cry.
  • East of Eden – This classic really took book club by surprise. This part memoir, part fiction  dose of realism was a hit all round.


So if you only say one yes this week, why not make it a new book. If you have any burning recommendations for us – please do drop them in the comments box below!

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