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We had a blog post already planned for today. But then we watched something really important on TV last night that has made us interrupt normal service – not for something to help you live life to the full, but for something to help save lives.

For those who saw the c-word, read the book or followed her blog you will know the story of the fantastic Lisa Lynch. A truly incredible lady who had her life cruelly cut short by breast cancer. But she didn’t go without making a huge impression on the world (you read the bit about the blog, the book and the TV show, right).
Lisa shared her story with the world not only to help her friends and family but also for one of the most truly selfless reason of all – she told people her story to try and stop it happening to others. To save others, and their families, from the pain of being taken too soon. You see there’s something we can all do to try and stop the c-word in its tracks. Check. It doesn’t matter if it’s your boobs or your balls. Just make it part of your routine, and if you discover anything unusual see your Dr.

If you are invited to routine screenings, make it a priority, don’t put it off. Our health is the most precious thing we have. And time can save lives.
Make this one of your yeses
Check. It’s as simple as that and it doesn’t take long.
For information on checking your breasts you can follow the touch, look, check principles recommended by Breakthrough Breast Cancer, there’s lots more information on what you should be checking for here or follow this fantastic no-nonsense advice from Coppafeel, a charity run by one of Lisa’s friends Kris (who appeared in the c-word).
The c-word, checking your breasts,
Boys, you’re not off the hook. It’s important that you check too. We couldn’t find a fancy graphic but It’s In The Bag do an equally no-nonsense run through of how to check and what you should be looking for here.
If you want to read more about Lisa’s story click here to head over to her blog Alright Tit. And you can find out more about her friend Kris’s take on the c-word, her friendship with Lisa, Coppafeel and her own story here. It’s truly moving.

If you missed the c-word you can watch it on catch-up here, we highly recommend that you do so. It will have you in tears, it will make you laugh, but most of all we hope it will encourage you to check. That’s what this is all about.  All we ask of you today is that you say yes to copping a feel of yourself.


And tell all your favourite people how much you love them too. But that last ones just because we are a soppy bunch. Cop a feel first, then spread the love.
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