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It’s book club time again, and time to catch you up with our latest read Eggshells by Caitriona Lally.

We managed to convince the lovely Lesley to join us to tell you why she loved this quirky Irish read… that’s Lesley of Lelly Vance fame (producer of fabulously inspiring artwork), who also happens to be our Book Club Queen and founder.

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Vivian, sister of Vivian, eater of blue foods and owner of Lemonfish, seeks a friend; only those named Penelope need apply.

If your parents had always told you you weren’t from this world, that you were in fact a changeling from a faerie land where everything was magical and special, wouldn’t you try to get back to that world?

This tale follows Vivian’s quest to find somewhere she belongs. It is often unorthodox and sometimes downright odd but somehow she charmed me in to wanting to tag along for the ride. Vivian’s not your average storyteller but then, this isn’t your average book. If you are looking for something a bit different, ‘Eggshells’ may well be the book for you.

It was, I confess, not a big book club hit. Some found the pace a little slow. Others struggled to understand a book that leaves so many major questions unanswered; What was the darkness in Vivian’s past? What happened to her aunt whose house and clothes she now inhabits? What does Vivian even look like, and why does she keep a goldfish in a bowl of lemons on her kitchen table?

Me? Well I guess maybe book club has helped me discover that I like characters who are little bit different. I loved the many times Vivian cared little about how others viewed her. She follows her own logic despite knowing her view isn’t how others see the world. And I loved the other main character in the book; Dublin, which is beautifully described and made made me want to immediately hop on a plane and visit. The book is equal parts bitter and sweet. It’s sensory descriptions are often as grim as they are poetic- you may not know Vivian’s facial features or dress size but you certainly know her scent!

So, this isn’t the book for everyone and some people may outright hate it. But there is a chance, if you approach it with an open mind, it may well transport you to a magical place. A place where everything is not quite as it seems and secret doors and alleyways could lead you to see the world around you little differently.

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