Embracing your parents taste in music

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by Christina

 Rod Stewart has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My brothers and I are ‘fortunate’ enough to know all the words to all of his songs and there is only one reason behind this: our mum – self confessed Rod Stewart superfan.

As a result we have spent many years heckling gently teasing her taste in music and in men (a mullet on a man is surely never acceptable, not to mention THOSE leopard print trousers) yet still buying her every piece of tacky Rod Stewart merchandise we can find.

Even our extended family over in New Zealand have recently embraced this, sending her a set of Rod Stewart album cover coasters – who knew such a thing existed!?

However, in true Year of the Yes style,, one summer mum and I did a gig swap. I bought her a ticket to come and see Robbie and Olly, and she in return got me a ticket to see Rod. Surely she got the better end of this deal!?

Pre-concert, I have to admit, I was mainly excited at the prospect of having dinner out at Brindley Place in Birmingham, one of my favourite places to visit when the sun is shining.

We had a delicious dinner at Carluccio’s where mum further embraced the Year of the Yes by snubbing dessert in favour of her first ever shot of limoncello, then we got the train over to the LG Arena. There was more gentle teasing on the train as I laughed at the amount of greying curly perms and ageing mullets on their way to see Rod and marvelled at how young I was feeling. Mum assured me these people were definitely not on their way to see Rod: I was (very smugly) right.

Embracing your parents taste in music

So we took our seats and waited for Rod to arrive, and here comes the big turnaround. I. LOVED. ROD. As much as it initially pained me to say it – I loved him. He was just brilliant. He sang all of his hits, which I obviously knew all the words too, plus a good mix of his new ones. His band were incredible, as were his backing singers. The staging and the whole show in general was just brilliant and Rod genuinely seems like a really nice down to earth man.

Mum informs me that this is the tamest Rod concert she has ever been to, but at 68 you can’t blame the guy for slowing his pace ever so slightly!

So, to my mum, I must tell you now that I finally get it – I’m a Rod convert, but I still can’t get on board with the mullet.

And I leave you all with the challenge of embracing your own parents taste in music and with some wise words from Rod. This was mum’s favourite song of the evening and I think sums up the Year of the Yes pretty well:

‘Never wait or hesitate. Get in kid before it’s too late. You may never get another chance. Cause youth’s a mask but it don’t last. Live it long and live it fast’

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