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by Emma

I always struggle with ideas of things to do on my actual birthday. My default favourite activities always centre around food, but there is normally some sort of family meal planned for the evening, it seems a little over indulgent to stuff myself with treats during the day too.

So I have spent many hours just days before my birthday googling ‘fun activities in Northamptonshire’ to gain some inspiration.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are lots of fabulous places to visit in Northamptonshire, but having lived here most of my life I have already frequented most of the usual suspects. Really I was after something new. Which is where Go Ape comes in.

I’m not normally the outdoorsy adventuring type, but this year a lot of my birthday activities involved food or sight seeing (particularly on my trip to Paris) so I was in need of more of an activity.

Go Ape is certainly that, promising tree top adventure scaling the Forest on high ropes with a few obstacles along the way, zip wires and Tarzan Swings to provide the real exhilaration.

I went with the boy to our local Go Ape centre at Woburn safari park, which is just under an hour away from Northampton. We had a lunchtime slot that lasted around 3 hours.

Go Ape, adventuring in the Forest, Woburn Safari park, via Year of the Yes

It was a week day so we were in a small group with one other couple and a family, but the best bit about Go Ape is that it is actually largely self-guided. You are given a full safety briefing and demo at the beginning, and you start off together, but you follow the instructions around the course by yourself.

The team at Woburn were great, they even changed our obstacle route so that we didn’t have to wait behind others in the group.

Go Ape, adventuring in the Forest, Woburn Safari park, via Year of the Yes

Don’t worry, an instructor is never far away, but I loved the feeling of sailing through the forest just me and my boy. I honestly haven’t laughed so much in a very long time.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the obstacles were hard work – really testing my upper body strength which I actually severely lack a lot of. But it was such good fun and always worth it for the pulse raising zip wire or Tarzan Swing at the end of each section.

Go Ape, adventuring in the Forest, Woburn Safari park, via Year of the Yes

I don’t think I stopped smiling, or saying how much I loved it, the whole time I was there.

It was a great activity to do with just the two of us, but would also be a fab activity for a group of friends.

I think it would even be a great activity to do on a drizzly day, as you are so covered by the tree canopy.

So if you are stuck for something fun to do, definitely get yourself to your nearest Go Ape for a bit of monkeying around.


Do you have any recommendations of other fun days out that are a bit different? We would love to hear them!

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  1. I really love Go Ape. I have been twice now and had a blast both times. The second time I went it rained all day and we still had fun and that is really saying something!

  2. Hi there, we are planning to spend holidays this summer around Northampton with 2 teens. Go-ape looks brilliant. Are there any more places for active kids? Any recommendations? cheers Francisco Garcia

    • Emma

      Hi Francisco – if the weather is nice I would definitely recommend hiring some bikes and exploring the Northamptonshire countryside. It’s really beautiful. There’s National Trust places to run around as well (I would recommend Stowe). And if you fancied a few days of something different, the canal runs right through so would be worth investigating hiring a barge! I hoe you have a really fabulous time. Let us know what you get up to!! And Go Ape is definitely a must!!

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