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Today’s Yes Book club instalment isn’t actually something I read at book club. Mainly because it is something that most people read about 15 years ago.

Yep, I am talking about that delightful wizard Harry Potter.

Given that the rest of the world has already read the full series, it might seem odd that I have chosen to review it. But it is with very good reason.

Believe it or not there are others like me that just haven’t got round to indulging in the world of Hogwarts, or perhaps thought that they just wouldn’t be that interested. I was one of those people too. But my lovely friend Christie (a Potter fanatic) asked me to give it a go in the spirit of Year of the Yes.

It’s really difficult to say no when you are meant to be a Yes queen. So I bit the bullet and ploughed on in.

There are people out there that haven't read Harry Potter. With this post we encourage you to bite the bullet and do it, via Year of the Yes

I think one of the things that held me back before is because I thought it would just feel like a children’s book. And in some ways it does, but that in no way detracts from your reading of it. It actually gives you permission to escape into a captivating fantasy world, adults and children alike.

In fact, I was taken a little bit back to my childhood because I found that the true magic of Harry Potter is best heard aloud (and I confess that on occasion I made the boy read to me as well, purely so that I could multi task of course #diva).

Rowling paints a world that your minds eye can envisage in full technicolour glory. I suspect this is somewhat helped by the franchise of films that depict the tale, but I haven’t actually seen any of these all the way through either (that’s another ‘yes’ battle) and I could still picture every quidditch match, every step creeped through the Hogwarts corridor, every creature and every magic spell.

I don’t even need to go into detail about what happened, for two reason really. If you have read it you already know and if you haven’t, you don’t need a synopsis. You just need to know that you are missing out by not reading it.

Rowling is not just a novelist, she is a lyricist and every line that trips off her pen draws you deeper into the yarn she is spinning.

So please, I urge you, if you haven’t already said yes to Harry Potter make sure you do. Not only will Christie be proud of me for encouraging you to do so, you will be really pleased you did it to.

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