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Putting together the monthly yespiration list of must reads is becoming a definite highlight of the month. It encourages us to read more and be more open to the inspiration that is all around us.

Taking the time to look at things from someone else’s perspective can give you a whole fresh take on things, a world of new ideas of things to say yes to, or maybe even just a nudge in the right direction. And that’s what reading our monthly yespirations is all about.

This month we have transatlantic moves, why women bosses kick arse, remembering the moments between the photos, advice for public speaking, and our usual health check-in… this time about mental health.

emma freud and richard curtis’ year of saying yes

When you are devoted to making every year a year of the yes, seeing that someone you hugely admire is getting in on the act too makes you even more determined to continue on your mission…

Emma Freud, the hugely talented lady who cohabits with Richard Curtis (of Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill screenwriting fame, not to mention comic relief officiado) announced in her Telegraph column that her and the family were relocating to New York for a year of saying yes.

July respiration, saying yes to moving to New York, Emma Freud and Richard Curtis ultimate yes inspiration, via Year of the Yes

Whilst not directly inspired by Year of the Yes, everything that Emma  and Richard have agreed to is 100% in line with the Year of the Yes philosophy. Whilst in New York they will be making sure to never eat in the same restaurant twice, they will be embracing the culture of their new home, exploring during their weekends…

To read more about this incredible commitment to the yes cause, you can read Emma’s full column here.

overcoming your fear of public speaking

Saying yes is very much about embracing the things you love and trying new things. That’s the fun part of Year of the Yes. But sometimes it also means pushing your limits and stepping outside of your comfort zone. And sometimes that means saying yes to things that you really don’t like… For the Year of the Yes team one of those thing would probably be public speaking.

That feeling of nerves when you have to stand up and deliver a presentation or workshop..the sweaty palms, the worry that you will forget everything that you KNOW you know inside out. It just makes you want to say a big fat no.

But you really should be saying yes, and Her Lovely Heart tells you exactly how to embrace your fear and say yes to public speaking. Read more here.

July yespiration, how to overcome your fear of public speaking, advice from Her Lovely Heart, via Year of the Yes

women bosses: not bossy or ball breaking

Fictional female boss characters, like Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada, give women bosses a bad name. Contrary to the belief that sometimes women step on other women to get to where they need to be, actually there are a huge amount of women out there who support and inspire the next generation to be strong, sensitive and inspiring ladies open to a world full of yeses…

You can read more about the inspirational female bosses of the world on The Pool, here.

July yespiration, inspirational ladies, female bosses, via Year of the Yes

the moments between the photos

Team Year of the Yes are big photo people. It is a necessity really with our group of friends, where you have to be prepared to have a lens shoved in your face at any given moment; big events, small events, life changing events. They are all captured on camera. And we love it. Memories are amazing, but photos give you the clarity to recall the incredible moments in life that you want to treasure forever.

But let’s not forget that there are moments in between the photographs. Moments that may be less perfect, but are no less worth recalling.

July yespiration, remembering the moment between photographs, via Year of the Yes

Benjamin Brill writes about the moment between photographs that he hopes to remember from his sister’s wedding, a poignant reminder ahead of Team Year of the Yes Co-Founder and Director of Events, Christina’s, wedding next month. You can read more about it in Comely Magazine here.

in the end there is only love

We seem to have fallen into the pattern of ending these curations on a somber health note. It’s not intentional but often these are the most important messages. This final piece moved Year of the Yes Co-founder and Content Director Emma to tears.

It is about a very brave lady whose husband took his own life, and the judgement that can often go with losing someone to mental health. It is something you can’t see and many people can’t understand, but so many people struggle with it on a daily basis. Poorna’s open letter about her own experience of losing her husband, which she wrote just 30 days after it happened, is touching and poignant and will really make you think about your own understanding of mental health, and I hope encourage you that we need to say yes to understanding and trying to make a difference to other people as much as we possibly can. Just as much as we need to say yes to supporting physical illnesses like cancer.

You can read Poorna’s story here.

July yespiration, saying yes to understanding mental health, via Year of the Yes

That’s your yespiration fill for this months folks, we hope it has moved you to say yes to something new, or just inspired you.

Drop us a note in the comments box if you have read something that has inspired you this month!


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