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by Team YOTY

  This month’s specially curated collection of recommended reads touches on health, exercise, careers and reading…we hope that they inspire you to say yes to a few more things over the coming month.

Yes reads – shelfie inspiration

When you are a book worm, the opportunity to peer at somebody else’s bookshelves is akin to a teenage boys feelings about the magazines on the top shelf in a newsagents. It’s exciting stuff. So we were beside ourselves when the magnificent Sam Baker (of blog crush fame, The Pool) shared her shelfie.

Not only can you scope out her bookshelf in its full glory, but she also gives us her top 5 recommendations…all of which have already made it onto the yes reading list!

June must reads, reading inspiration, inspiration to live life to the full, via Year of the Yes

{Source: The Pool}

Yes Food – Making your food choices healthier

Team Year of the Yes have been working hard to eat healthily these last couple months, so we were delighted to discover Stylist’s list of small tweaks to make our eating habits healthier.

Some of them may surprise you (who knew that you shouldn’t actually drink water while you are eating) but if some quick wins can make a difference, then maybe it will leave room for the odd chocolate bar here and there..

You can read the full article here.

yes to picking yourself up

We all have our low moments, and sometimes in those it can be hard to pick yourself up and remember exactly why you need to keep on saying yes.

This article from Huffington Post has some really great reminders of how to pick yourself and dust yourself off when you need it…so that you can keep on saying yes!

yes exercise – yoga

Half of team year of the yes (Emma) has had a long held interest in trying either pilates or yoga, that has been held back by the expectation that lack of flexibility would make it impossible.

This  article from the Huffington Post really makes you think again about that, and many of the other preconceptions that you may have.  So if you are considering taking it up, why not have a read of the article and then get yourself signed up to a class.

June must reads, taking up yoga, inspiration to live life to the full, via Year of the Yes

{Source: Huffington Post}

yes careers – experience is everything

You already know that we love a career profile (you can read some here), it’s just so fascinating reading how people get to where they are today. It doesn’t really matter if you have any desire at all to work in the career that they work in, you can always learn something along the way that will help you in your own career.

Marie Davies spoke to the Lifestyle edit about her role as Head of Styling at Amazon, and it is a great lesson in taking a leap of faith in your career.

You can read the full feature here.

yes health – the last one

This one is on a bit more of a serious note, and it is something we keep harping on about. But it is so, so important.

Breast Cancer Now, a newly formed charity made up of Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Campaign, believe that if we act now we can stop any woman dying of breast cancer by 2050. They released a really poignant video that you have to watch. It will remind you how important it is to check yourself. And of course, if you can do spare some pennies for Breast Cancer Now to carry out their all important research.

Click here for the video.


If you have read anything great this month, let us know by commenting below!


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