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When Mr Yes and I travel, one of the first things we plan – even before we’ve the sightseeing – is the places we want to eat. In fact, we plan and pre-book our dinners spots for most evenings of our stay in advance.

I am aware this would be some traveller’s nightmare. But I love my food SO much that I want to be sure that I am sampling some of the most delicious food that the city has to offer. And I think planning ahead can be pretty key to that…I hate the thought of wasting time wandering around looking for somewhere to eat, and ending up somewhere mediocre that leaves me dissatisfied.

I know, I am a food-travelling snob. I do leave some spontaneity for lunchtimes (albeit with potential suggestions noted down in our itinerary). But hopefully my diligence as a travelling foodie will be to your benefit, as I have some cracking restaurants to recommend from our travels in Asia.

We are pretty thorough in our research, mainly using our food bible ‘Where Chefs Eat’ for initial recommendations, and supplementing with Pinterest / Lonely Planet guides. It does sometimes mean we often opt for some of the pricier options but if you are looking for a treat meal they will be totally worth it. And I promise to throw in budget options where I can too.

We also try and ensure that we eat authentic food from the country we are travelling in, whenever we can, but every now and then another cuisine from a restaurant that has particularly caught out eye will creep in.

So here’s a top restaurant picks from our three nights in Singapore:



We still talk about this restaurant now, it was that good. The restaurant was set-up by one of Gordon Ramsey’s protégés, and the concept is a modern take on a tapas bar. Not necessarily very Singaporean, but one of our favourite types of cuisine.

We sat at the counter to see our food cooked in front of our very eyes, and if you ask me that’s the best way to eat tapas.

The food was utterly delicious – some highlights for us included: Thyme and Onion bread with mushroom butter. Pickled beetroot with whipped truffle burrata, raspberries and smoked walnuts. Fresh scallops, Iberico chickpeas and black garlic. Braised beef & pork cannelloni, cepes béchamel and Manjimup winter truffle. Pigeon, forest berries, burnt rosemary polenta and crisp shallots.

Place to eat in Singapore, via YearOfTheYes.com

Place to eat in Singapore, via YearOfTheYes.com

Place to eat in Singapore, via YearOfTheYes.com


Lau Pa Sat

So many people recommended this place to us before we went, it’s a food lovers dream: delicious Singaporean street food all under one roof, and it’s open late into the night as well.

Known as hawker markets in Singapore, it operates a similar system to the food halls that are springing up in lots of cities; you pick your food and find a seat to enjoy it in communal areas.

We opted for dim sum while we were there and it was a-mazing!


Violet Oon’s Kitchen

There are three different venues in Singapore where you can enjoy Violet Oon’s culinary treats – but we opted for the National Kitchen as the closest to our accommodation. Billed as modern Singaporean food, we knew this would be our opportunity to taste delicious local food.

And we were not disappointed. The surroundings are classy, the staff attentive and the food was thoroughly delicious.

We particularly loved: Satay chicken. Coronation chicken in wantan leaf cup (ok, so we weaved in a bit of home). Beef Rendang.

Place to eat in Singapore, via YearOfTheYes.com

Place to eat in Singapore, via YearOfTheYes.com

We also tried Hainanese chicken rice, somewhat of a national dish in Singapore, and it was yummy – if not a little confusing to begin with as the chicken itself has been chilled before serving.


As well as delicious places to eat, we also found lovely places to have a drink or two. Our favourites included:


Level 33, a craft beer bar (which brews its own craft beer) at the top of Marina Bay Financial Tower. Albeit slightly difficult to find to begin with (you enter a building that looks like an office block) it had the most spectacular views, served craft beer tasters trays AND amazing cocktails. So it was win, win all round.


Raffles just had to make the list too! When we visited, the long bar was closed for refurb. It’s replacement still delivered on authenticity though. With nutshells littered across the floor, and Singapore Slings to die for, you just have to head there for a traditional taste of Singapore.


There you go, you lovely bunch! That’s our Singapore tips all rounded up. Next stop, Bali…

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