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Race for life has gathered some serious pace over the last decade or so (yep, a certain member of the Year of the Yes team remembers staggering round their first race for life whilst at university…which unfortunately was ten years ago).

The races started as a 5k jaunt that you could run or walk, but now you can choose to complete 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon events…there’s even a 5k muddy obstacle course, aptly name ‘Pretty Muddy’.

The events are the opportunity for women to get together, challenge themselves to new physical endeavours, and support or remember loved ones that have battled cancer, in whatever guise that may be, because Cancer Research UK raises money for research into all 200 types of cancer.

And that’s the really incredible thing about Race for Life, so many different people take part and each one has a different story and reason for doing so. Today, Laura is bravely sharing with us her reason to race for life….

(And when you are done reading, you can sign-up to an event here – there are still lots to come this year)

The week before Christmas last year my mum was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. Thankfully her consultant said that he believed it was treatable, through chemotherapy and an operation to remove the tumour.
Since then she has very bravely gone through three rounds of chemo, before she went on to have the big operation to remove the tumour at the beginning of May. Mum has fought so hard to get through all of the treatment and recovery, and although it has been incredibly tough on her, thankfully she was told that she is now free of cancer.
Why we race for life, Laura's personal story, via Year of the Yes
I have completed Race for Life a couple of times within the last few years, although I had never known anyone particularly close to me who had experienced it. After Mum was diagnosed it was a no brainer that I would say yes to completing it again this year, now having a much better insight into how cancer can affect sufferers and their loved ones. It has never meant as much as it does this year – it has been even more important to me to raise as much money as I possibly can, to try to prevent others from having to go through such a difficult time as we have the last six months.
race preparation

When I decided that I was going to complete Race for Life this year, I mentioned it on Facebook to see if I could get others to join me, as I think it can be more fun if you are part of a group.

I was very fortunate when a few friends agreed to complete it with me (on the strict instruction that it would be completed at a steady pace!) So it has been fun to chat to each other about what we have ordered to wear on the day, to look as wacky as possible, and I’m really looking forward to completing it as a group.

I think that the most difficult thing about it has been trying to find the time to complete training towards it, like I have done in previous years. What with working and trying to be around for Mum during all of her treatment and recovery, it has been quite difficult to find time to jump on the cross trainer, so I’m hoping it goes well on the day!
I think that I would definitely recommend trying to get other people on board with completing Race for Life. In the past I’ve completed it by myself and also with someone else, and I definitely think it’s more fun and helps to motivate you more when you have others around you. And also from the charity’s point of view, the more people you can get signed up to it, the more money you can raise between you hopefully!It is the poignant stories like Laura’s that really remind us why we have to keep saying yes and live life to the full in every way that we can. Here’s Laura’s yes directory…
Inspiration to live life to the full, the Yes directory, via Year of the Yes

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Yes challenge: RACE FOR LIFE / Yes fundraising: LAURA’S SPONSORSHIP PAGE

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