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I have a confession. Despite the fact that there is a list as long as my arm of posts that I am dying to share with you (restaurant recommendations, Norfolk and Lake District travels… putting them in writing will spur me on to actually do them, right)… life (and wedding planning) is just getting in the way at the moment.

It isn’t because I’m not living and breathing the yes ethos (I promise) it’s just because I am struggling to find the time to share them with you. I will work on that. But this particular share has hugely jumped the queue, it’s from just last weekend actually, because I couldn’t wait to share it with you that much.

It’s not an epic travel adventure, but a Russell Howard comedy gig that had me in such raptures I am bursting to shout about it.

Laughter is the best medicine, Russell Howard comedy gig, via Year of the Yes

I purchased the tickets for the boy for his birthday last year, as we are regular watchers of both Mock the Week and Russell’s own show, Good News. I knew I was a fan, his observational style of humour is right up my street, but I didn’t realise that the gig was going to make me positively fan girl for reasons other than the level of LOLs.

Don’t get me wrong, I proper belly laughed the entire way through (probably annoyingly for everyone else there, I am told I have quite the booming cackle), but I actually found I agreed with Russell’s take on life, equally as much as I loved his humour.

I’m not going to spoil the gig by poorly paraphrasing some of his best material, but something that Russell touched on really articulately that really struck a chord with me – and the Year of the Yes philosophy – was the need to reinstate the prominence of heroes. Real heroes, true heroes. Rather than celebrating bullies, as some reality TV has perhaps led us to do.

He focuses on it in his Good News show as well, but it hadn’t quite hit me like a hammer until the gig. What the world needs now is real life heroes.

Here at Year of the Yes we are all about celebrating and shouting about the inspirational people that we come across. But this encouraged us to do it more, to be louder and prouder – and to focus on these people, rather than the rocky whirlwind of politics and despair that is seemingly happening around us right now.

It’s strange that a comedy gig felt pretty life-affirming, but this really did (the boy agreed with me, so I promise it’s not just me romanticising it).

So I would wholeheartedly recommend putting Russell Howard on your yes list (a gig, that is, not the man himself… though the show will also make you *really* want to hang out with him and his family. The laughs in that household must be infinite).

But actually, it’s the laughs themselves that are important. So ANY comedy gig would do the trick, whatever floats your boat. Laughter truly is good for the soul.

We have promptly started scouring our local theatre for upcoming gigs to provide our next hit.

Saying yes to laughter might just be our new theme for 2017…


Header image by Joe Kingston Photography.

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