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The year of the yes is about many things – it’s about saying yes to fun things. It’s about taking on challenges. It’s also about making positive changes to your life. Our lovely friend Sara managed to tackle most of these in one go when she signed up to the Body Coach this year (stick with me, I will explain why it is fun in a bit).

Joe Wicks is a social media phenomenon and nutrition coach who teaches you how to eat properly (without starving yourself) and exercise (without over doing it) to achieve the ‘shape of your life’. He teaches you recipes that are fun (there it is), quick and super easy, and tailors a plan specifically to you.

The body coach, saying yes to a lifestyle change

It’s about a lifestyle change, not a diet. I will hand over to Sara to tell you all about why you should say ‘yes’ to healthy eating, without compromising on delicious food:

The body coach, saying yes to a lifestyle change

My husband and I have followed Joe on instagram for about 18 months. He does videos called ‘Leanin15’ and they were really funny and involve delicious recipes.

I became slightly obsessed with the body transformation pictures that he posts there. After being really poorly on honeymoon, alongside eating and drinking what I wanted, I decided that I needed to do something. I was really unhappy with the way I looked and I wanted to do something transformational about it.

I have tried many diets like juicing, shakes, low calorie etc. and they have helped me lose some weight but then I’ve put so much back on.

Reading Joe’s clients transformation testimonials they all commented on how much food they were eating and how little exercise they were doing….it seemed completely up my street.

The body coach, saying yes to a lifestyle change


So, the 90 days SSS plan is pricey when you first look at it….£149 which can be paid over three months if needed. You have to complete an in depth questionnaire about your health and diet so that Joe can edit the plan to suit you completely. You also have to send in pictures of yourself in underwear/swimwear.

It works around 3 cycles:

The first one is about Shifting the fat. It involves 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 4-5 times a week, with 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. You are given a huge set of recipes which you can pick from. Loads of them are freezable which is really good.

Cycle 2 (Shape) introduces weights into your workout alongside the HIIT. The workouts are still only 4 times a week and done in 45 minutes. This time the food is split between high protein with carbs on training days and high fat, high protein on non-training days. You have a big list of ingredients and weights to pick from so you are in charge of what recipes you make.

I’ve just received my cycle 3 (sustain) plan….it is still weight and HIIT training with a set of recipes alongside a set of ingredients that you can pick and mix how you follow it. At the end of each cycle you have to submit your progress pictures to Joe so you can see how your body is changing compared to the first pictures you submitted.

The body coach, saying yes to a lifestyle change


I have loved every second of this plan….Joe is the most enthusiastic individual I think I have ever had the pleasure of talking too. He is constantly available on email answering your questions, reassuring you and sending you the most amazing emails when you send your progress pictures in.

My confidence has sky rocketed since doing this plan. I know how to fuel my body so I can get the best from it. My energy levels, skin, hair, sleep pattern have all improved since I started.

I love that I haven’t spent money outside of this plan…what I buy each week is what I eat. My fridge goes from full to empty each week. I can’t remember the last time I chucked anything out because it had gone bad. I don’t spend money at work buying lunches anymore. I have loved that I am only cooking once or twice a week. I freeze or fridge food for the next few days so my healthy delicious food is always there.

My friends and family have been so supportive and amazing, helping me along the journey -making food for me that fits into my plan and not taking it personally when I have brought Tupperware with me when staying over or coming over for dinner.

There is a whole community of SSS plan lovers out there and I have a twitter account dedicated to it and honestly the support, clarification, help you get from everyone is phenomenal.

 I have to say that for the first few days of starting the plan I had a bit of headache but as a former sugar addict it is to be expected. A bit like someone giving up cigarettes I can imagine. I would definitely recommend this plan and have done. My friend Steph is currently 4 weeks behind me and is loving it as much as I am. She is doing so well and we constantly talk about the plan and what we are doing, eating, enjoying etc.

With everything I’ve done before it’s been short term , quick fixes but this time I know that I will just continue with everything that Joe has taught me. As cheesy and silly as it might sound this is a lifestyle change I have loved every second.

The lovely Sara and her husband Dan

The lovely Sara and her husband Dan


It sounds pretty great, huh? We can attest to the fact that Sara looks absolutely fabulous as a result of her 90 day SSS plan. We obviously thought she looked amazing anyway, but the happiness and confidence that now radiates from her is a testament to the impact that our diet and lifestyle can have on all aspects of our life.

Make this one of your yeses

You can find out more about the Body Coach on Joe’s website. We highly recommend that you follow his instagram feed too, to pick up some of his tasty recipes before you commit to the full programme.


sara’s Yes directory

Favourite yes: The 90 day SSS plan might actually be my favourite yes that I have ever said yes too. I am so happy in myself now which means that I am happy with life as a whole.

Other than this one my other favourite yes I have said to is when Dan asked me to marry him. He is the best person in the world and every day I am grateful that we found each other. He doesn’t take life too seriously and he is the perfect fit for me.

Yes inspiration: I love that this philosophy that two of my best friends have put into action has resulted in me pushing myself physically and mentally in lots of different ways as they have allowed me to come along on so many of their ‘yes’ journeys. They are my biggest yes inspirations!

My Dad is also a big yes inspirations to me-I think that he has a great passion and drive to experience things in life and him saying yes to things all my life has made me more positive about embracing different things.

Yes philosophy: I don’t believe that yeses have to be fundamental and life changing I just believe that they have to enrich your life in some way big or small it doesn’t matter.

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  1. Emma

    This sounds right up my street – I love my food so just can’t compromise on delicious meals, but have had a look at some of Joe’s recipes (and sampled some at yours) and they look great. Well done Sara, so proud of you! Here’s to many more yeses xx

  2. Sara you are positively glowing, keep it up! It is good to hear you are doing it the right way and having fun along the way. It’s all very inspiring stuff – you go girl xx

  3. Very interesting blog !!! You have followed a well-arranged schedule to maintain your fitness which is really commendable. Here is a great book you can follow to get delicious fit diet guidance at

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