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I am a bit of a human magpie. If it’s pretty and/or sparkly, I want it. It can wreak havoc on my bank balance, some might even say it verges on a shopping addiction of sorts.

But when I moved house in October, after the initial flurry of house related purchases, I tried to reign myself back in. When the mortgage, bills and house maintenance becomes your sole responsibility it is a bit of a wake-up call that you perhaps you don’t need most of those pretty things that you want.

Don’t worry , I am not a wholly reformed character, I still firmly believe that budgeting should always involve putting a little bit aside for a treat every month – after all, we are in the business of saying yes.

My first post-Christmas treat came in the shape of something I had been coveting for some time, after I spotted one of my besties sporting this beautiful watch…

Olivia Burton watch


It’s a beauty, right?! I loved the oversized watch head, the beautiful hummingbird motif, and the delicate leather strap. I am afraid to say that I hadn’t heard of the wonders of Olivia Burton prior to this sighting. It’s not that I live in box or anything, but I am a bit of a Primarni queen so some of these more stylish and luxurious gems pass me by.

No more, though. Since my first sight of an Olivia Burton beauty I have become a veritable watch stalker. Their instagram feed became my guilty pleasure and I was constantly updating my ‘most coveted’ list.

It was mainly the butterfly motifs and floral patterns that made it onto the Christmas wish list..



So you can imagine my disappointment when my nearest and dearest told me that some of my favourite styles were coming up out of stock when they tried to order my Christmas treats.

When the festivities had been and gone I found myself regularly checking in to see if they reappeared in stock. My New Year treat was slipping away from me…. until the helpful bunch at Olivia Burton came to my rescue. When I shared on Twitter that I was having trouble getting hold of the beautiful watches they came right back asking which particular styles I was looking for. After a few exchanges, link shares and literally a matter of minutes a helpful bod had come back to let me know which styles were out of stock, and when the other ones would be back in. They even sent me links to some retailers that still had some of the discontinued styles available.

The service was really impeccable and I am now the happy owner of this gorgeous thing…

Olivia Burton butterflies watch

I’ve had so many compliments about it and love it so much. It was definitely a treat worth investing in.

And of course I still have a list as long as my arm of the ones that I want next. A girl can never have too many watches, surely?!

Olivia Burton watches

Olivia Burton watch


So, you lovely lot, I absolutely implore you to indulge in a treat every month. It will put a smile on your face and is the least your deserve for working hard.

Come back and tell us what lovely treats you’ve said yes to though of course….

Make this one of your yeses

You can check out the full range of watch pretty on the Olivia Burton website. I recommend you follow the Instagram feed too, they post some of the most beautiful arrangements of the watches that will brighten up your day.

And if you can’t find the style you are looking for ask the little birdies on Twitter and they will reunite you with your dream watch!


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