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So the thing with being Year of the Yes advocates is that it kind of makes us joiners – we love a club. You’ve already heard about book club, but reading isn’t actually our first love. You may have noted from the excessive amount of posts dedicated to the subject, that we are also huge foodie fans.

Although we love cooking at home (you can find some of our favourite recipes here), nothing quite beats the treat of eating out. And that is why ‘grub club’ was born. With a group of other friends who live in the area, we meet up once a month (the first Wednesday of each month to be exact) and sample a new eatery each time.  Because we are cavorting on a week day, we are obviously limited geographically to the local area – but we have discovered (and revisited) some really great restaurants in and around Northampton.

We thought that it was only right that we started to share some of our recommendations with you, so first up we have the Smoke Pit in Northampton.

The Smoke Pit is a relatively new hot spot in Northampton, that everyone is talking about. It’s premise is simple, meat…lots of it, served in true smokehouse style. It’s a BBQ lovers delight.

Eating out, the smoke pit Northampton, via Year of the Yes

Meals are served in quirky metal trays, where dishes are lavished with pickles, gherkins and relishes aplenty. And of course there is an array of delicious sides on offer. The team sampled the skinny fries but the menu also boasts a ‘dirty mac n cheese’ side that certain members of the group have their beady eyes on for next time.

Now, we went for full indulgence – starter, main and dessert. We don’t want to come across as pigs though, it was all done in the name of research so that we could give you all a fully tried and tested review of the full menu. *Ahem*.

So for starter we had: sautéed chorizo, Jeremiah weed sour mesh cream and crusty bread a delicious creamy dish that was packed full of smokey flavour.

Eating out, the smoke pit Northampton, via Year of the Yes


Moroccan spiced grilled halloumi, a fragrant dish with a delicious tomato relish to complement the spices,

Eating out, the smoke pit Northampton, via Year of the Yes

and crispy fried whitebait.

Eating out, the smoke pit Northampton, via Year of the Yes

The starters were a total favourite with the group, we were very happy (and possibly already slightly full) customers.

For main we all chose a burger, with different variations that included pulled pork, crispy pulled chicken and BBQ beef mince.

Eating out, the smoke pit Northampton, via Year of the Yes

There was some argument about whether we had sampled the best burgers we have ever had. Although the majority conclusion was no (two of the team chose a different venue for producing their favourite ever burgers, which we will be sure to review soon), we all agreed that it really depends what you are looking for. If you are after a traditional burger, you are better off in a traditional burger diner. If you are going to the smoke pit you will be greeted with a delicious variety of bbq style meat, with smokey bbq sauce.

But of course, they don’t just serve burgers. Oh no, there are meat platters aplenty – so there’s lots to choose from (and plenty of excuses for us to go back and sample something a bit different).

Then came dessert, we’d been promised good things by friends that had indulged – so of course we couldn’t resist. We compromised by only opting for two sweet treats between three (!) and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie and the Red Velvet Cake were our weapons of choice.

Eating out, the smoke pit Northampton, via Year of the Yes

The Red Velvet cake was moist and surprisingly light. And although the richness of the brownie nearly tipped us over the edge, there were ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of delight as we forced it down.

Eating out, the smoke pit Northampton, via Year of the Yes

Overall the smoke pit received an average of 15.2 out of 20, with the service scoring particularly highly. So well worth a visit if you are looking for an indulgent but affordable treat.

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