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by Team YOTY

The clocks are changing this weekend, which means that springtime is well and truly upon us. We might be losing an hour but that has not stopped us dedicated yesers making plans for how we intend to spend the rest of our spring hours. New Year isn’t the only time to make resolutions, we feel it is an all year round activity.

With that in mind we will be sharing with you our seasonal yes to do lists, in the hope that it will inspire you to follow our yes journeys with us and say yes to a few new things yourself.

Here is a taster of the things that we plan to say ‘yes’ to this spring…

 christina’s Spring Yes to do list

1. Yes to getting on my bike. Now that the half marathon is done and dusted it’s time to focus on the next challenge, Coast to Coast. As spring is on its way, the evenings are longer, and it hopefully starts to warm up, then there’s no excuse not to get out there and get cycling. After all that running, I’m looking forward to some training that involves sitting down!

Spring activities, get on your bike, spring yes list

2. Yes to travel. This spring, I’m going to explore some of the beautiful country that we live in, with a week away in Cornwall. Yes to relaxation. Yes to visiting new places. Yes to holidays. Perfect.

Spring activities, travel the UK, Cornwall, Spring yes list, year of the yes

3. Yes to healthy eating. In the run up to the half marathon, I tried to think about my nutrition and what I was eating in an attempt to aid my performance. It made me feel so much better, and with our wedding just 5 months away, some healthy eating is probably a good idea. Spring seems like a good time to start, as salads just aren’t a thing in winter! So it’s a yes to healthy eating, and to sharing any good recipes I find.

Spring activities, healthy eating, spring yes list, year of the yes

emma’s spring yes to do list


1. Spring clean – the boy is moving in this Spring (this week, to be precise), this has involved a mass wardrobe spring clean on my part and a bit of a ruthless clear-up to make room for his bits and pieces.

But this aside, there are still quite a few ‘jobs’  that need ticking off the list as part of the spring clean (or spring sort out, perhaps more to the point) that I would like to be done by the end of the season: there’s a photo wall to get up, a travel map to source, a spare room to finish and shelving galore to go in.

Spring activities, house spring clean, spring yes list, year of the yes

They are just little details but I am quite impatient when it comes to house projects, I want them all done now. But I will settle for an end of May deadline. I will report back!

2. I am totally onboard with Christina’s healthy eating (after all I do have a bridesmaid dress to squeeze into), but as I have spent much of March cooking for my parents at the farm (my only use at lambing time is making sure the troops are fed, as any kind of practical animal skills seem to escape me), I would like to spend some of the rest of Spring eating out more. A favourite past time of mine.

I already have The Ark in Northampton booked for the next installment of Grub Club (you will be hearing more about that soon) but I have managed to sneak in some posh nosh at Caxton Grill too. Reviews will be coming your way shortly, but if you have any eating out recommendations post them below and I will happily give them a whirl too! In the name of spring time yeses, of course.

Spring activities, eating out, spring yes list, year of the yes

3. Learning – I have yet to sprout my philosophy about the importance of continually learning new things and being interested in others and gaining new knowledge on the Yes Directory, but it was a frequent topic of mine in a past blogging life.

Thing is, I truly think there are always new things to learn, and I am making a concentrated effort this Spring to seek out new information (and therefore inspiration). I figure it will help with my blogging and my writing, but it will also expand my mind. I know, we are getting a bit deep now.

In my pursuit of knowledge I have signed up to the various TED Talk YouTube channels, and I check in on the various talks that interest me each day. I have also started listening to a new ‘Stuff You Should Know‘ podcast on my phone each day, on my way home from work. So far I have learnt more about Stephen Hawking, Feng Shui and the Berlin Wall, and I have nuggets of knowledge on movies that changed filmmaking, and broken heart syndrome lined up as well. Plus, I will also be heading down to London to take part in a School of Life talk on dressing well and fine tuning your personal style… so hopefully I can report back my findings here soon!


Spring activities, learning, take a course, spring yes list, year of the yes

There really are podcasts, courses and videos on anything you could possibly want to know. So why not put yourself out there and seek out knowledge this Spring, see if you really can learn something new every day. And then come back and share it with us!


That’s it for you lovely lot, but if you have any exciting yeses that you will be indulging in this Spring, pop them in the comments box below and share the inspiration around!


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  1. All great yeses – I’m saying yes to Cornwall too, it is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever visited and the food cannot be beaten. Enjoy your start to Spring (even if it doesn’t feel very ‘spring’ like today!) xx

    • Emma

      It’s beautiful isn’t it. I used to be an out and out Devon girl, but after a trip to St Ives for my birthday last year I am totally sold on Cornwall. Can’t wait to hear your Cornwall eatery recommendations 🙂 xx

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