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by Team YOTY

The seasons are rolling by quickly, and we really can’t believe that the summer months are now upon us. We are hoping that this summer will bring lots of sunshine, fun and new yes memories. To help us on our way, and to inspire you to add some yeses to your summer list, we have put together our summer to do lists (and revisited our Spring list so that you can see how we did)!

emma’s summer yes to do list

Emma I can’t believe that we are now waving goodbye to spring and saying hello to the summer sun (I hope). My Spring yeses were largely a success – the boy is moved in, the wardrobe was condensed and the photo wall is sitting pretty. Admittedly there are still some shelving issues, but progress has certainly been made. I managed to live up to my eating out aspirations too – you can see the reviews to prove it for Caxton Grill in London, The Smoke Pit in Northampton and some Stratford hot spots: a tea room and the RSC. And finally I fed my brain too, learning all about my personal style and some work based training courses to boot.

It’s been a pretty successful few months, so I hope I can replicate it with my summer yeses!

exploring ibiza

The boy and I will be hitting Ibiza this summer. Not in a ‘partying until we drop’ kind of way, in a ‘relaxing and basking in the sun’ kind of way. We are the opposite side of the island to the partying hub, but we are there for 10 days so fully intend to explore our surroundings and soak up some of the local delights. Including the hippy market and the picturesque beaches.

Never fear, I can feel a travel report coming your way.

summer social time

This one essentially translates as…have lots of BBQs. The perfect summer social time! But I have been a little more vague to accommodate our unpredictable UK weather. As this is our first year in our house though, we are yet to host a barbie with friends, and as I love making new memories in our pretty little corner of the world, I plan to be all over that in the coming months.

growing year of the yes

Spreading the word about Year of the Yes means a huge amount to us, and the blog and website is a huge part of that. But we have lots of plans for the future that we hope will help us spread the word further and louder. It’s a long term plan and with wedding planning (Christina) and the big 3-0 planning (me) happening, we don’t have a huge amount of time to spend on it at the moment, but I am hoping  by the end of the summer Christina and I will have been able to spend some time together talking through ideas so that we have a vague ‘business plan’ in place.

Some of the fantastic printables from Her Lovely Heart will really help us on our way with this.

christina’s summer yes to do list

I feel fairly happy with how I got on with my Spring Yeses. I had a great time exploring Cornwall, the healthy eating is going well thanks to all the new recepies being posted on the blog, and I have been out on my bike… Ok, maybe I haven’t been out on my bike as much as I had planned, but 2 out of 3 isn’t bad!

Yes to travel

I feel very lucky to have had a yes to travel on both my spring and summer lists – I had a lovely trip to Cornwall in April (blog on its way!) and I’m very excited about going on honeymoon to Croatia this summer.

Our very good friends Jen and Mark visited Dubrovnik for their honeymoon 2 years ago, and Jen came back raving about how wonderful it was and how much we’d love it there. So we thought, as these guys know us pretty well we should probably take their advice! A week of sightseeing, sunbathing and celebrating being newlyweds – I can’t wait.

Yes to Madness
Summer yes list, inspiration to live life to the full this summer, via Year of the Yes

Source: Madness

When Madness came to Northampton cricket ground a couple of years ago we ummed and ahhed about buying tickets, didn’t get round to it, then immeditely regretted it when it came to concert day. So when I heard that they were opening the Grand Prix festivities at Silverstone this year we got our tickets without hesitation. I booked them ages ago, so I’m pretty excited that it’s almost gig time. I’ve heard Madness are brilliant live, so we can’t wait to find out for ourselves.

Yes to being a wife

Finally, the biggest thing I’m saying yes to this summer, and probably ever – to marriage. After 11 fun filled years together, I can’t wait to celebrate our wedding with our closest friends and family. And to have many more years of adventures together.

Summer yes list, inspiration to live life to the full this summer, via Year of the Yes

The soon to be Mr and Mrs Hancock

Why not drop us a comment below and tell us what you will be up to this summer!

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