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I have been hearing for years and years how thoroughly awesome the Lion King musical is. In fact the inspiration behind Year of the Yes, Lou, went and loved it so much that Circle of Life is one of the songs that all of her friends and family will forever link to our lovely girl.

So I have had lots of incentive to go for many years, but never quite made it to the Lyceum Theatre in the flesh. Luckily the boy saved the day by surprising me with tickets for my 30th birthday! Cue muchos excitement (and sneaking an all  you can eat brunch into our London trip as well) and I can finally say that I know what all the fuss was about.

I am sure that I don’t have to tell you all what the Lion King is, we all know the Disney Story of Simba, a young lion who is destined to succeed his father, Mufasa, as king but gets led astray along the way by his evil Uncle Scar.

The musical is a beautifully remained adaptation of the story, remained by acclaimed director Julie Taymor.

Things to do in London, the Lion King musical, via Year of the Yes

The result is truly spectacular. The moment the music strikes up you are transported to the make believe world of the lion’s pride. The costumes are absolutely beautifully designed. When I heard people talk about how incredible the Lion King is, I had always assumed it would be its set design that stole the show, and although it is fabulously thought out, the set design is much more understated than I thought it would be, to make way for the utterly entrancing costumes.

I had always wondered how it would be possible to bring animals to life on stage in a way that would appeal to adults as well as children, but the lion king certainly manages it with vibrant and intricate characters.

Things to do in London, the Lion King musical, via Year of the Yes

The acting was also sublime, particularly the younger actors who really shined as the young Simba and Nala.

It was a spectacle that enthralled both the boy and I throughout.

The other thing that I have learned about the Lion King musical before I went was that it was not unusual to see the show several times, now I can see why. It is a box of magic tricks that you will want to open time and time again.

Things to do in London, the Lion King musical, via Year of the Yes

So if like me, you have heard the rumours of this wonderful spectacle, but haven’t quite made it to the theatre to see it for yourself (and, well, I have told you now haven’t I)?!… get it booked, make it one of your yeses. You won’t regret it.

Things to do in London, the Lion King musical, via Year of the Yes

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