by Christina


As our complete inspiration and reason for starting the Yes ventures, this is a fairly obvious one. Lou inspires me every day. Whenever I have a down day, I think of her, the advice she’d be giving me, and try to put my problems into perspective. Read more here

Mum & the rest of my wonderful family

I’m really lucky to be part of a big and close knit family, who inspire me every day, and at the Head of that is my Mum.

She is my inspiration because over the years she’s taught me (and the rest of the girls!) so much. This is mainly that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, and that there’s no such thing as a blue job! She’s also given us other gems of advice like: ‘never date a guy with longer hair than you‘, ‘if he doesn’t make your toes tingle, he’s not the one‘ but best of all ‘if in doubt, follow the car in front‘.


My soon-to-be husband and partner of 11 years, Miles has taught me to follow my dreams and live spontaneously. Together we’ve had so many adventures, travelling the world in a camper van, graduating and creating our first home together. He is every day inspiration and a huge supporter of all of our Yes endeavours.

My wonderful friends

Emma, Sara, Sam, Nicola, Jennie & myself became friends at secondary school and I feel so lucky to still have them in my lives. These girls have inspired me so much over the years as we grew up together through school discos, dodgy fashion sense, and interesting tastes in boys!

They are all such successful, inspirational women with pretty decent husbands and boyfriends to match. Even if we don’t all get together as much as we’d like, when we do it’s like we’ve never been apart. These girls inspire me through the memories that we’ve made, and those that are still to come.

But who inspires you to say yes? Leave us a comment below and let us  know the things they have done to inspire you and the yeses you have or will be saying as a result…

About the Author

Christina loves listening to and playing music, walks in the countryside, spending time with friends and family.

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