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You know that at Year of the Yes we like to push our comfort zones, right? Well we are not the only ones, and it turns out that some people’s limits are much higher than ours to push.

Which is why I was a spectator at a recent Tough Mudder event, rather than a participant.

This might lead you to wonder why I am blogging about it, but the day left me so inspired, not quite to participate yet, but to encourage others that have considered giving it a try to do it.

For those that aren’t in the know, Tough Mudder is a series of 10 – 12 mile obstacle races that take place throughout the UK. The events are designed by the British Forces, so you can be pretty sure they are really going to push your limits.

It isn’t about the race, it’s about the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment. As the New York times put it “the idea of Tough Mudder is not to win, but to have a story to tell.”

Tough mudder, pushing your comfort zones, via Year of the Yes

Although some people do compete alone, the events are generally aimed at teams and many of the obstacles and challenges will require some assistance to conquer – be it pushing, pulling or lifting you over something.

Obstacles include clambering over a slippy mud mile, scaling Everest (or a really high wooden equivalent), plunging yourself into a bath of ice cold water, crawling through tear gas in an enclosed structure, monkey bars, island hopping (not the scenic kind, the floats across a freezing cold lake kind) and electroshock therapy..to name just the highlights.

Tough mudder, pushing your comfort zones, via Year of the Yes

Tough mudder, pushing your comfort zones, via Year of the Yes

If that intrigues you, rather than repulses you, then this really could be the challenge for you.

Tough mudder, pushing your comfort zones, via Year of the Yes

I am super proud of my boy who completed his first tough mudder in May this year, and our lovely friend Sara who pushed her limits to the max to take part in one too. Both have said they will be going back for more, so that’s testament in itself really isn’t it.

Tough mudder, pushing your comfort zones, via Year of the Yes

My tough mudder

Tough mudder, pushing your comfort zones, via Year of the Yes

Our lovely girl and her fabulous brother still smiling mid-mudder

My one snag is that it is quite expensive both to take part and to spectate. I am aware that some of this goes to charity (the very worthy cause of Help for Heroes) but I don’t think that the organisers are clear enough about how much of your ticket price goes to the charity.

So, if you want to try your chances as a tough mudder sign-up early, the prices go up quickly and quite dramatically as you get closer to the event.

And if you want to spectate I would thoroughly encourage you to do so, but to book your ticket in advance rather than on the day (it’s half the price). I do feel that the prices to spectate are slightly extortionate, but I did (almost) feel it was worth it after I had been. You get to follow the competitors round most of the track (without having to do the obstacles) and cheer them on with as much gusto as you can muster at most of the challenges. And although you miss a few this just give you the chance to get to the next one before your tough mudder does; you really do feel part of the event

You can find more details about Tough Mudder here, there are still some events left this year but there will no doubt be more to come next year too so when you sign-up, make sure you give yourself enough time to train and prepare.

Go forth and push your limits, yesers….


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