Year of the Yes is a labour of love; a source of curated inspiration to encourage you to say yes more

It is the brainchild of two childhood friends, Emma and Christina. Why are we so concerned about how often you say yes? Because life really is too short not to live every second of it to the full. We started our yes revolution when we had a stark reminder of this…

Our reason to say yes


In January 2013 our world came crashing down when we lost our lovely friend Lou. Along with that came the gutting realisation that we cannot take anything for granted; that we have to live each day as if it were our last.

Lou never failed to light up a room with her radiance, wit and kindness. She taught us so many things. Humility, compassion, commitment, resilience. Some of our best dance moves. To laugh through the good times and the bad. That life is too short to pair socks. To dream big and never stop trying. To woman up when things get tough. That we can do anything when we put our minds to it. That DIY is not just a man’s job.  That friendship and love truly does last forever.

Lou knew how to enjoy life. She worked hard throughout the week but the weekend was reserved for partying hard and spending time with her favourite people – jaeger-bombing, body-popping and being ‘totes inappropes’. Every weekend she had plans, seeing one friend or another at various corners of the country. Lou was a ‘yes’ person, she lived life to the full.

And so the Year of the Yes was born, in Lou’s honour.

Everyone has a reason to say yes…

The ‘year of the yes’ is about making the most out of life – visiting new places, trying new things and most importantly of all, spending as much time with our loved ones as possible.

You might say yes for Lou. You might say yes for another loved one you have lost. You might say yes to push your limits and challenge yourself. You might say yes for you. Whatever your reason for saying yes, we encourage you to embrace the philosophy and to spread the word.

Because as Richard Branson once said, life really is more fun when you say yes. It seemed to work for him…